Plastic Jet Airline

Last Saturday French Letters was a guest on Plastic Jet Airline, a fun new variety show based in Seattle. We can’t thank these guys enough for their great hospitality and the footage that they took. Check out the videos below and don’t miss our next single,
I Already Know How This Ends“, off our upcoming album due out Fall 2014.

French Letters @ Sunset Tavern 12/11/13

French Letters are back at it… Another year, another album. And one more chance to catch us playing live in our element. If you hadn’t noticed, the shows have slowed while our output has grown. Seattle music is grinding a rough transmission these days, and while we never struggle to express ourselves as a band, the venues and opportunities to do so have become limited around this rock roll town.

While the scene we love seems to have dissolved around us this past year, we have been hard at work on a new record. A record that finds us as a unit in top fighting form.

We are pleased to invite you to the release for the first single off of this album. It’s a little ditty people are wont to say, “It sounds like early Stones and Tom Waits, without trying to sound like either.” In our world, and in this uncertain time of local musical futures, that sounds like a compliment.

Please join us at the Sunset with our rock roll brethren Death By Steamship and Whiskey Radio as we debut the single “All Over and Under the Rhine” for you.
Sunset Flyer 4

New Single and B-Side

French Letters follow up our acclaimed debut album with a new single called “Los Alamos”, a taut pop tune constructed around the idea of escape, geographic redemption, and sonic salvation. Peppered with catchy guitar hooks and a stellar guitar solo, an insistent drum beat and punchy bass line propel the track, much like the gasoline in the car Crossley sings about in the song’s lyrics.

The B-side is a first for us, a ballad waltz named “Annie, Queen of Belltown“. The title is an homage to Springsteen and his song, “Mary, Queen of Arkansas”. The subtle warmth of acoustic guitars and ringing of the twelve string make the perfect underpinnings for the tale of doomed young love, including haunting, ethereal back up vocals.